Fab&Vivien Webisode #1 – Stuck in Granada

May the adventure begin! After a long time of getting used to a new camera and new editing software, the first Webisode is finished. Enjoy!

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Of course, despite the starting difficulties and the disappearance of Vivien, the show will go on! I am right now trying to buy a new car in Granada to leave to Morocco. More in the next Webisode 😉

P.S.: I am still looking for the first project to support in Morocco. If you know any initiatives, please send a mail to fab@fabandvivien.com

"“Nothing is exiting if you know what the outcome is going to be.”
 Joseph Campbell

The evolution from uncommon a real blackboard to a digital blackboard and now a tablet or smartphone for interactive learning has added to these bandwidth demands
Posted by fab on October 22, 2011