The ultimate camera and audio equipment for traveling around the world

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The 1st fundraising bet

Wir haben gewettet, dass wir für jede gespendete 10€ eine Person finden, die mit uns am Montag, 14. November, gemeinsam ein Lied singt. Die Spenden wurden verwendet um es Subsahara-Flüchtlingen in Marokko zu erleichternn, den bedeutenden UN-Flüchtlingsstatus zu beantragen. Beispiel: Wenn Ihr 1000€ spendet, müssen wir am Montag 100 Leute an einem Platz versammeln und … Continue reading »

Webisode #3 – Tangier, the gate to Africa

Meet Monir! After two years I met my friend Monir again, in Tangier Morocco. Learn about his life, his dreams and how we tries to cross the sea by using trucks which transport goods from Morocco to Spain. Die erste Spenden-Wette läuft! Zum Weitersagen einfach ein “Gefällt mir” auf dieser Seite geben.   Music used … Continue reading »

Webisode #2 – Good bye Europe and the Importance of Patience

Good bye Europe, hello Africa! Finally I made it out of Spain. What first seemed to be wasted time, turned out to be a valuable lesson. The second episode explains why. To spread the word just click LIKE here:   The more people know about Fab&Vivien, the more donations will be generated for the projects … Continue reading »

New song: “Down in Jamaica” or: How a 7 day last minute vacation can feel like a two months backpacking trip

Unexpected serendipity: This is what happened when randomly being dropped of in front of a recording studio in Jamaica’s west end town Negril. Read the full story below. If you like what I am doing, just click LIKE here:   Lyrics: Chorus: Im down here in Negril chilling on the west end looking for my … Continue reading »

Fab&Vivien Webisode #1 – Stuck in Granada

May the adventure begin! After a long time of getting used to a new camera and new editing software, the first Webisode is finished. Enjoy! To spread the word, just click LIKE here:   Of course, despite the starting difficulties and the disappearance of Vivien, the show will go on! I am right now trying … Continue reading »