How 111 students became heroes – the second fundraising bet

It’s finally done. After four weeks of waiting for a new camera (mine was stolen), the second bet is close to completion. Once more, I pushed myself to the limit to find at least 111 avid music lovers to perform the song “Waka waka” with me. The donations of 1107 € will be used to enable 14 orphans to attend the Bakau Primary School in Gambia for one year. A big thank you to all donors!
But was I really up to face the challenge – despite the haze of the Saharan winds of Harmattan? Or was I doomed to give in this time and admit my defeat? See for yourself:

Phew, I was once again off with no more than a fright. The director and more than 120 students of the OLA Senior High School in Ho, Ghana, agreed spontaneously to sing the song “Waka Waka” for the orphans in 3000 km away Bakau, Gambia. …An unforgettable experience for all and a wonderful humanitarian act.

Donors are uniquely connected with the project and are in the position to determine my fate by selecting the song and the bet, and thus providing me with new challenges. This time the bet was to work one week in a clown costume in the children’s ward at the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital in Banjul, Gambia.

The higher the donations turn out, the more difficult it becomes for me to win the bet. Every donated 1 € increases the fun. This should be enough incentive for the donors to sky rocket contributions into astronomical heights.

Inspired by the success of Ho, I sat down to work on the concept for the new video, titled “What if your life were a movie – would you watch it?”. Music brings people together. One of my greatest passions connects people around the globe. What a great success! The Ghanaian girls prove that this is the case. Their joy of singing will allow orphans to attend school in Gambia and it also forced them to look beyond themselves. Every single one of us can use his or her skills and passions to contribute to something larger.

Live your dream.
Make your life a movie.
Make a difference.

Stay inspired and come with me on my journey through Africa. The adventure continues to take its course. In just a few days, the Nigerian border officials will put my patience to the test. Will I be able to convince them to let me and my loyal friend and vehicle El Poderoso pass through the country? Or will Nigeria turn out as my final destination?

Stay tuned, donate now. The project and the artist are happy to receive your donations.


Special thanks to Serena Epstein and Nadine Regel, who contributed passionately to the making of the video. As well as to Benedicta Afesi, the headmistress of the OLA Senior High School, and most of all the pupils, who made the performance possible in the first place.

We’re all one.

"“What you can do, or dream you can do, begin it!
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Posted by fab on February 14, 2012