About the Project

Watch our 3 minute videotrailer to learn more about the project:

10 Bucks, two friends and one crazy bet around the world
. Fab&Vivien claim that for each 10€ donated to social grassroots projects, they will find 1 person to sing with them. As they travel around the world, imagine they go to Thailand and raise 1000€ for a new school – and 100 people singing in a mass performance! And as if that wasn´t spectacular enough: It has to be a song in the local language: “mai dai kee itcha”, you know?! If Fab&Vivien loose the bet, a horrible penalty awaits them: Will it be sleeping on a scary cementary or working hard on a local field?
But this is not all: YOU can interact with the two friends by giving them funny tasks. ?In exchange for a donation, Fab&Vivien will do whatever you tell them to do. Track down a friend of yours and deliver a message to him? Singing a Beatles song on the back of a camel and sending greetings to one of your friends or your partner? Just donate and Fab&Vivien will do it!
So, in late August 2011 Fabian and Vivien quit their 9 to 5 jobs and start their adventure around the world. For one year they will travel through South East Asia, Latin America and Africa. The hobby rockstar Fab, always carrying a guitar, takes care of making the music performances entertaining. Vivien, equipped with a camera, reports in more detail on the grassroots initiatives on the ground.
However, this social adventure is more than just raising money for aid projects and fullfilling crazy tasks. Fab&Vivien are leaving their daily comfort behind to use their skills for making a difference in the world. They turn their backs to a western lifestyle that includes the accumulation of wealth to consume more products that you don’t really need. They are sailing off to come to terms with what it is that really counts in life. Fab&Vivien will tell you what they encounter while out there, the experiences they make, about the people they meet and the circumstances in the different countries they visit.

By following this blog you can travel with them and be part of their adventures.

Frequently asked questions

How do the bets work?

Once per month we make a bet: We go to a project, introduce it via a short video which we upload on youtube.
We then call for action and ask you, the global Internet community, to donate to the project.

While you are donating our bet starts: For every donation of 10€ or more which arrives within 7 days after the first video was released, we bet that we find one person who sings a song with us. After those 7 days we record the song in a mass performance and put it online, to prove that we fulfilled the bet. If we did not manage to find the required amount of people to sing with us, a penalty awaits us.

What is the story with the penalties?

If we are unable to convince enough people to sing with us in the mass performance, one of us will have to do something that is not particularly enjoyable. What it is exactly that we have to do, will be chosen by somebody from the local community. The first person who agrees to perform with us gets to pick the penalty if we loose the bet. Will they make one of us jump off a cliff or sleep on the scary cemetery? How Fab or Vivien got on with their scary task you will learn in a video or a blog entry.

How can I donate and what happens with the donations?

All donations are handled by betterplace.org – the largest German non-profit donation platform and a partner of Fab&Vivien. On betterplace.org, 100% of the donations are forwarded. You can donate through direct debit, paypal or with your credit card – it is absolutely safe and takes a few seconds. All your data is treated with the strictest of confidence. For more details on how betterplace.org works check: http://www.betterplace.org/how_it_works/faq. All donations collected in our mass performance fundraising event – the bet against the Internet Community – are forwarded directly to the project.

Donate here: www.fabandvivien.com/donate

What about the tasks and how can I give a task to Fab&Vivien?

Every month we organize one big fundraising event. Needless to say, we don´t want to be lazy the rest of the time.
No matter when and where we are, you can assign us tasks which we have to accomplish. Fab&Vivien will carry out what you asked them to do and will post a video where you can see how it went. Did you always want to track down an old friend of yours? Or do you want Fab to sing a song for your mum or dad as a gift to them? We are certainly looking forward to your suggestions!
It´s simple: You make a donation to Fab&Vivien on betterplace.org. Since we also need some resources to make the whole trip possible, the money that is given to us for the tasks will be used for accommodation, food, means of transport and the like.

Support us here: www.fabandvivien.com/support-fabandvivien

What else can I do to support Fab&Vivien

Spread the word: The more people know about our project, the more impact we make, thus the easiest way to support us is to spread the word. These are example of what you can do:

Motivate us: For us, it is incredible important that we don´t feel alone on our mission.
We invite you to interact with us in the following ways:

  • read our blog and give us feedback through comments (on the bottom of each page)
  • support our trip with a small donation, give us a funny task, and see how we accomplish it in a video
  • meet us while we´re on the trip

Donate for the projects we visit: Together we can make a big impact. If many people donate small amounts of money we can make a real difference. Donate to our fundraising event, 100% of the collected money will be forwarded to the projects we visit and your data is absolutely save. We know betterplace.org and trust them with our life’s.

Donate for us: If you want to help us cover the expenses for our trip you can donate directly to us.

Connect us: Do you know a journalist who might be interested in writing about our project? Do you know about cool social projects and initiatives somewhere on the globe? Connect us with them, who knows what will turn out of it!


About Fab

Fab holds a bachelor’s degree in media & computer science and a master in human factors. During and after his studies, he worked as a web developer for various internet startups in Santiago de Chile, Madrid, Cologne and Berlin. Starting with his first trip to Thailand and Laos in 2001, Fab developed a deep interest in traveling, cultures and languages.

He believes that everybody who lives a life of comfort, has to ask themselves the following question: “How can I use my talents and my skills to contribute to the project of making the world a better place for everybody?” For the next year his answer to this question is traveling the world, using social media to raise awareness about social issues, raise money for local projects and organizing musical mass performances.

You can find more about Fab here:

Interview with Fab – His motivation to do the world-trip
Fab´s initiative “Singing for Change”
Interview with Fab&Vivien (Deutsche Welle)




betterplace.org is a global internet platform that connects individuals, organisations and companies directly with one another. On the platform, individuals, organisations and companies present development projects for which they need support. Others observe, discuss and evaluate these projects and eventually choose to support some of them: with money, donations in kind, time, know-how, and – on the platform the most valuable resource of all – their trust. In return they receive continuous multimedia feedback and the most motivating experience: that even small contributions can have lasting, positive results.
betterplace.org thrives on a self-regulating community – on selective networks creating trust, on the global exchange of constructive ideas and on the transparency of its users and projects: grassroots initiatives enlist support for their work, companies sponsor projects as part of their CSR and charities reach out to new donors. In the community of betterplace.org all actors in a project are displayed openly. Project visitors for example – such as backpackers who have seen a project with their own eyes – report about the projects during their visits. Everyone can evaluate any project – of course also in a critical way. betterplace.org brings in a long-neglected confidence factor within the social sector: the human being.


The simpleshow is a video clip format which explains complex issues or products in a simple way. All you need is simple illustrations, two hands and a white surface. The simpleshow reduces information to the essential and creates easy stories so everybody gets a topic within 3 minutes – Young and Old.

Since 2008 the simpleshow realized about 400 clips in 30 languages for a wide variety of branches and cultures: Schools and universities, TV shows, small companies, Non-Profit Organizations as well as many Global Players trust in the simpleshow to bring any message to their audience, being customers, employees or anybody else.

Dandelion Language Services

Dandelion Language Services is a small Translation Agency created to provide tailored services for its clients. DLS is proud to count on young professionals committed to excellence to provide clients with a unique, fast turn-around service. DLS is not just a translation agency, it is a helping hand for companies wishing to expand their horizons and reach customers all around the world. We also provide proofreading, transcription, subtitling and training in Spanish and English.

Spot Up Medien

Seit 2002 ist Spot up Medien mit über 1.260 Werbeflächen bundesweit, davon 180 in der Region Braunschweig-Wolfsburg, der kompetente Partner für digitale Videowerbung und Lösungen im Bereich der LED-Videoboardtechnik

World Unite!

World Unite! has been arranging options for volunteering, internships and cultural learning in Tanzania, Zanzibar, Morocco, India, Israel, Nicaragua, Mexico since 2007. From 2012, we will add Bolivia as our new country.



Contact us: mail@fabandvivien.com

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